Contents for a Board Member Orientation Packet

Checklist of Items to Include in a
Board Member’s Orientation Packet/Handbook

Section I:  Organizational Background

  • Vision/Mission Statement
  • Fact sheet:  describes activities of organization; size of budget; size of membership
  • Current long range or strategic plan

Section II:  Governance

  • Board list (with addresses, phone and fax numbers, Email addresses)
  • Board Member job description; job descriptions for advisory, honorary, junior board members
  • Meeting dates for the current year
  • Governing Documents:  Constitution, By-laws, copy of Charter (if applicable)
  • 3-6 months of recent minutes
  • Criteria for board candidates
  • Committee Descriptions/Current Tasks

Section III:  Finance

  • Most recent financial statements/audited statement (if available)
  • Any financial plans and policies, i.e., endowment policy 

Section IV:  Policies

  • Collection Management Policy
  • Ethics Policy
  • Personnel Policy
  • Facility Use
  • Others

Section V:  Staff /Key Volunteers

  • Staff list
  • Job descriptions of staff
  • Resumes or bios of key staff

Section VI:  Program

  • Newsletter/Program brochures, copies of recent press releases, etc.
  • Membership Information
  • Most recent grant applications or a synopsis of current and pending grant requests

Board Member’s Bookshelf Bibliography

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