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Checklist to Evaluate an Existing Plan

Use the following simple checklist to assess whether or not your current strategic, long-range or business plan is doing all it can to guide your organization's direction and decision-making.




Not Clear

Mission statement is strong and focused, with clear sense of its public benefit




Goals support mission statement

It is easy to see the relationship of goals to mission




Goals are broad yet focused (you know where within the mission the organization is placing emphasis)




Goals are limited in number




It’s evident that goals and strategies speak to 

  • strengthening internal weaknesses, and/or
  • capitalizing on external trends and opportunities




Strategies/Objectives clearly define how organization intends to achieve a goal, based on established criteria or performance measures

They are are not as detailed as tasks




Strategies/Objectives limited in number (because they've been prioritized using established criteria)




Strategies/Objectives are timeframed in some way




Tasks, if included, are specific, timeframed with deadlines, and include assignment of responsibility to an individual, committee, taskforce, board, outside contractor or consultant (or any combination of these)




The hierarchy of goals and strategies (and tasks, if included) is clear and not confused