Board Skills Inventory

Create a similar worksheet to help your board identify the skills/attributes current board members bring to the table.  The inventory will point to gaps that can help you think about skills you need to recruit for board service.  Thinking in terms of skills first rather than specific people may lead you to individuals you might not have thought of, thus helping a board to become more diverse.

Column headings should reflect the skills/attributes your board determines are critical to the organization's leadership and governance success.  You might take cues from your organization's mission statement, strategic plan and board member job description for the key skills/attributes you need to track.

Some organizations ask each board member to identify what skills/attributes they bring to the table. That information is then plotted on a chart so that the total talent of the board can be better analyzed.

Generic Skills/Experience Inventory of Current Board

Date Inventory Undertaken:  ________________


Board Member Name


M/F   Ethnic/Racial   Age     Other


Areas of Expertise

Active with our organization in the following ways…

Has ability to help our organization do….























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