Board Member Job Description


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Job Description

For Members of the Board of Directors



Members of the Board of Directors of (name of organization) are elected for a ______-year term, with the ability to serve an additional ______ years or term(s) before rotating from the board for at least ___ year(s).  Directors may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the Board.  Directors may be removed, without their consent, if they fail to fulfill their duties, attend meetings, or act in a manner contrary to their obligations.


The primary responsibility of a Director is to maintain vigilance over the activities of (name of organization) in policy, legal and financial matters, as well as to oversee the operation of the organization by its staff (in the absence of staff: to oversee the programmatic operations of the organization, including all volunteers, and any staff, contract employees or consultants whom (name of organization) may hire).  The Board of Directors of (name of organization) acknowledges the will of the majority in its decision-making processes in an effort to speak and act with one voice.  To that end, the following is expected of every Director:


1.  To attend Board meetings regularly and attentively.  Board meetings are held ___________; additional meetings may be called if a situation requires the attention of the Board.  Directors are required to attend all regularly scheduled meetings.  If they must be excused from a meeting, they are expected to call the President.  Unexcused absence from three (3) consecutive Board meetings in a calendar year shall be construed as a resignation from the Board.


2.  To review the By-laws in order to be certain the conditions therein are met.  To vote upon  any changes to the By-laws.


3.  To understand and uphold the mission of (name of organization).  To establish, revise, and oversee appropriate administrative, programmatic and financial planning in order to ensure that the mission of the organization is addressed by appropriate action.


4.  To hire a competent staff leader who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of (name of organization); to work in concert with the staff leader to move the growth and development of the organization forward according to the mission and the plan; and to formally evaluate the performance of the staff leader on a regular basis to ensure that goals are being met.



5.  To be familiar with the programs, property, and personnel of (name of organization), and to view at first-hand the activities of the organization.


6.  To be familiar enough with all business that comes before the Board to vote wisely, and to solicit outside advice, as a Board, when appropriate.


7.  To review all written materials and minutes of the Board and to ratify appropriate documents that come before the Board.


8.  To willingly and openly disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest to the Board, and to remove oneself from discussion and voting on all related matters when conflicts may arise.


9.  To respect the confidentiality of board discussions, and to leave these discussions in the board room.


10.  To assume a leadership role in the development and growth of a balanced fund raising program for (name of organization) to ensure the organization¹s long-term financial health and viability.  To review such programs on an annual basis to see if financial goals are being met and, if necessary, to make appropriate changes.


11.  To accept a leadership role for financial support, which may include any combination of cash gifts, ticket purchases, participation in fund raising events, and in-kind contributions.


12.  To serve on at least one committee, as appointed by the President, and to ensure that the committee executes its assigned responsibilities.


13.  To elect officers and an Executive Committee and delegate authority to that committee as set for the By-laws.


14.  To nominate and elect to the Board of Directors, when vacancies occur, diverse community representation who will achieve (name of organization) mission, administrative, programmatic and financial goals.



Approved: _________________  (date when approved by board)




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