Audience Development Exercise

developed by Anne W. Ackerson

This worksheet is based on two resources, the Statewide Audience Development Initiative (SADI) Study and the Arts Council of Indianapolis' Developing Next Generation Arts Audiences.  Each step is designed to take you through a progression of decisions that will help you focus on the type of audience to be targeted and why, the participation barriers of that targeted audience, the methods to reach that audience, the resources you'll need to accomplish the project, and the ways you'll measure your success.

1.  In one sentence, link your organization's mission to your audience development goals:

2.  Target an Audience
        a.  describe the audience you want to target and why:

        b.  do you want to diversify ___   broaden ___   deepen ___ this audience?
        c.  how are you going to learn about the target audience and their needs?

3.  The barriers this potential audience has to participating are (possible barriers: background, perceptual, practical, past experience):

4.  Possible Tactics
        a.  Using the three experience drivers (learning, sensing, connecting) as your guide for program development, along with your new-found knowledge about this audience, what 1-2 tactics will you use to attract this target audience and overcome their barriers for participation?



5.  What internal and external resources will you need to accomplish these tactics?
        a.  Internal:

        b.  External:

6.  What benchmarks will you use to evaluate the success of these tactics?




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